Looking for a church?

SUCU is committed to the local church and strongly encourages all members to prioritise attendance and involvement in church life.

CU is not a substitute for church- it is simply a missionary arm of the church, and church is the main place where you will receive teaching to be spiritually nourished and to grow and mature as a disciple of Christ.

At the beginning of each Academic year the CU puts on a Church Search to help people visit the different churches in the town and get plugged into them.


If you would like to find out more information about the churches in the town before then, please email us at stirling_cu@hotmail.com and we will be delighted to fill you in or you could take a look at the links below!

Alloa Elim

Cornerstone Community Church

Cornton Baptist

Church At Stirling

Destiny Church

Freedom Church

North Parish Church

St Ninians United Free Church

Stirling Baptist

Stirling Free Church

Stirling Methodist

Tillycoutry Baptist